Asheville Metal Finishing can help you determine the economic silver coating to conform to your product’s needs.

Silver plating is done for many reasons, to either enhance the aesthetic feel of an item or to increase the conductivity of another metal, especially in electronic devices.

Silver finishes are usually recognized as a decorative coating, but is also an engineering coating due to its superior conductivity and corrosion resistance.  Silver’s conductivity allows for extensive use in electrical components.  Other advantages of silver plating include excellent solderability and lubricity.

One of the most important characteristics of silver is that it has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity and light reflectance of any other metal in the world.  It also has the lowest weight and melting point of all the precious metals.  It is easy to manufacture silver parts, alloy it with other metals, and extremely easy to metalize onto almost any material.

Silver is the least expensive precious metal, so a silver plating solution is far less costly than choosing gold, platinum or palladium and should be the first option if considering using a precious metal.

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